Boston is the PERFECT agent to work with on buying a house. Not only is he a super cool individual but, he was also informative and if there was anything he wasn't sure of or wanted to double check, he was on top of it. He also made me feel really good about buying a house during the whole process. I love how much passion he shows in his career and how on top of it he was when I needed him, how he gave me honest opinions on each house (whether I asked or not but, I like opinions). He figured out that I get bad anxiety with situations like this and he kept me chill throughout the whole process and I really appreciated that. He wasn't pushy at all - you can tell he truly enjoys his career and is in it for the right reasons. I truly appreciate him and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone and everyone. Thank you Boston! You are the best!

Elisha Brooks

January 26, 2018

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